How was Moda Makers event born?

The event was born in Carpi in 2016. Initially, we started with 23 companies from the long established textile industry District of Carpi and now, for the eighth edition, we count 64 companies from the region and the rest of Italy. This is an indication that Moda Makers has consolidated itself as a major event for programmed fashion production at national level. All this has been possible thanks to a virtuous synergy among all local stakeholders: the Municipality of Carpi, the local companies, the Artisans Association CNA, LAPAMConfartigianato, and Confindustria Emilia, with the valuable sponsorship of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Carpi and the Chamber of Commerce in Modena. All these stakeholders represent a positive bound between public institutions and private companies. Management and organization of the event have been finally assigned to the ExpoModena Consortium.

What are the event’s goals?

Moda Makers’ main goal is that of relaunching the excellence of Carpi’s production on an international level. To do so in the most effective way, it is important to provide for a synergistic collaboration among local manufacturers, consisting of small and medium enterprises. Efficiently opening towards the global market becomes a fundamental strategic objective: here in Carpi, we are trying to do so by sharing all the elements required, such as a single location, the Carpi Fashion System Center, the communication and marketing efforts, the Moda Makers branding, the dual annual rate of the event according to the different companies’ needs. To sum up, the strength of Moda Makers is its organizational modality, which includes a direct involvement of all stakeholders from the very beginning of the creative phases. After all, who can better know the market’s needs, strengths and issues? Thus, for the sake of our District and of Moda Makers, we have decided that their voices were to be heard and kept in great consideration.

What is your policy regarding the welcoming phase?

Moda Makers can boast a great attention for the reception and welcoming of all its visitors, especially the buyers. This particular attention is made tangible in the numerous human resources of our executive office, which is always ready to supply indications and assistance to people coming in Carpi from all over the world for a 3-day stay. Furthermore, the attendees at Moda Makers have free access to a shuttle service and taxi from and to the Airport of Bologna, the AV Railway Station of Reggio Emilia, as well as the Railway Station of Modena. We should also mention the quality of the reception services offered by the city’s hotels and restaurants, involved in welcoming to the best of their possibility hundreds of visitors.

What are the future projects?

Our main goal in the future is that of guaranteeing that Moda Makers continues to be a reference point for local companies within the District and the Region – a showcase of the “know-how” offered in the Carpi territory, to be promoted at an international level. To do so, it is necessary to continuously evolve in our organization strategy, simultaneously to the continuous evolution of the market dynamics. It is also essential to welcome and identify all the companies’ and customers’ needs, the quality of the exhibition products and the attractive capacity in terms of communications and territorial marketing. To sum up, we should never “rest on our laurels” and we should raise the bar of results more and more highly , from one edition to another