How did the Moda Makers come about?

The event was born in 2016, when the first event was staged in Carpi. We started off with twenty-three companies from the famous textiles-clothing district and now, in our eighth edition, we have reached seventy-four. The firms come from our region and from the rest of Italy. This is a sign that Moda Makers has managed to grow over time and cement its position as the country’s main ready-to-wear event, and not only that. The decision to set up the event was made possible thanks to a virtuous collaboration between all the actors in the area: Carpi municipal council, companies, CNA trade associations, LAPAM-Confartigianato, Confindustria Emilia, with the precious support of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Carpi and the Modena Chamber of Commerce. These bodies, which represent a positive link between institutional organisations and companies, both public and private, then designated the ExpoModena Consortium as the organising body.

What are its aims?

Moda Makers was created with the principle, at its core, that union is strength, and it has turned out that way. The objective was to re-launch, on an international stage, the excellence of Made in Italy production in the Carpi district. However, to do it as effectively as possible it was important to provide a joint response, establishing an innovative but unusual collaboration in an area made up of many small and medium-sized companies. Opening up more to global markets and to exports, in a period in which domestic demand is falling, has become a key strategic aim: here in Carpi we are trying to do it by pooling all the possible elements: a unique location, the Carpi Fashion System Center, communication and marketing efforts, the Moda Makers brand, and the two periods of the year in which the event is held. These are agreed on according to the companies’ needs. So, if I had to sum up Moda Makers’ strength, and what, in my opinion, makes it stand out from other similar events, I would say that it lies precisely in how it is organised: companies are involved directly and they are involved from the briefing and development stage on. After all, who, better than business-people, those who work with the Italian and international markets on a day-to-day basis, is aware of the market’s needs, strengths and problems? We decided that, for the good of the Moda Makers area, business’ opinions and suggestions had to be listened to and really taken into consideration.

You pay a lot of attention to welcoming guests. Can you tell us a bit more about that? 

Moda Makers is renowned for the care we take when receiving visitors, especially buyers. This attention is seen by the large organising team we have; one that is always on hand to help and to meet the needs of those who, from across the world, come to spend three days in Carpi. Also, visitors to Moda Makers have free access to a shuttle service and to taxis to and from Bologna airport, the Mediopadana high-speed rail station in Reggio Emilia and Modena railway station. Another important fact is that the city’s hospitality services, from hotels to restaurants, are involved in welcoming hundreds of visitors in the best possible way.

Any future plans?

The main aim is that Moda Makers continues to be an important point of reference for the companies from the district and region; that it showcases Carpi’s know-how on a world stage and to a level that the area has always deserved. To do this, however, we have to continue to evolve, in line with how the market and its dynamics are always changing. We have to go on welcoming visitors and meet the needs of companies and customers, maintaining the quality of the creations on display and the ability of the communication and territorial marketing teams to attract visitors. To sum up: we must never rest on our laurels, and aim ever higher, from one edition to the next. We have to continue raising the bar. 

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