Anti Covid 19 Protocol Moda Makers


  • Distancing: Covid regulation distancing and workstation spacing in all conference and activity areas are enforced throughout the premises.
  • Limited Numbers: Restricted admissions and spaced seating ensure safe management of entrances and exits in compliance with distancing requirements.
  • Digital-Only: All information, signage etc. is available exclusively in digital format.
  • Constant Medical Supervision: Covid-compliant premises and constant medical supervision are guaranteed throughout the event.
  • Ventilation: All rooms have adequate ventilation systems with dedicated fittings and frequent changes of non-recycled air.
  • Compulsory Face Masks: Face coverings are compulsory throughout the fair grounds.
  • Online Ticket Registration: Online ticket registration is compulsory to avoid crowding at the entrance / Registration will be exclusively online at
  • Separate Entrances and Exits: All access points to the fairgrounds have separate entrance and exit routes.
  • Sanitisation Points: Numerous hand sanitisation points are available throughout the fair area.
  • Cleaning and Sanitising: Specialised agencies ensure thorough cleaning of all areas with specific products. The cleaning and sanitisation of restroom areas has been reinforced.
  • Signposting: Easy-to-follow signposting is available throughout the fair area.
  • Widened Corridors and Passageways: Spaces, corridors and points of attraction have been widened to reduce crowding and guarantee interpersonal distancing.
  • Increased Service Staff: More supervision staff are on hand to ensure compliance with distancing measures both at the entrance to the Exhibition Centre and inside the pavilions.
  • Food & Beverage Regulations: The consumption of food and drinks is permitted only in the designated areas. Exhibitors have their own Exhibitors-only entrance. All entry points have digital pass monitoring facilities.