Who can access Moda Makers?

Access to the event is reserved for those working in the fashion sector.

The organisational secretary maintains the faculty to verify the authenticity of the data provided during the enrolment phase and to then confirm access to the event. 

In compliance with the current protocols in force for the containment of Covid-19, enrolment will take place only online via the link modamakers.modenafiere.it

How can I enroll at Moda Makers?

Enrolment is free and compulsory via the link modamakers.modenafiere.it

Please remember there will be no ticket offices in situ.

To enrol as a visitor at Moda Makers, follow this LINK, stating the number of visitors in the “Cart Passes” box. You will then confirm the number of visitors/tickets required by clicking the button “Confirm Passes”. 

On the following page you will be asked for your personal or business data, as well as information about your stay in Modena. 

When you click the ‘Place Order’ button, the page with the summary of your order will be displayed, from which by clicking the ‘Download’ button, you may download your ticket to show at the entrance of Moda Makers. 

You will receive confirmation of your registration by email containing the order summary and links to download the tickets ordered.
We advise you to create an account – the credentials of which will be sent to you by email – allowing you to access your information simply, consult and modify your data and preferences (LINK) and download your event tickets.

Who is it recommended to visit this fair?

To all visitors who are looking to grow up his fashion supply chain. This fair is not intended for sale to private individuals as they are garments used to present the styles and trends of future seasons. For this reason, access to the event is allowed exclusively to clothing buyers, wholesalers, fashion distributors, commercial agents, shops or chains of specialist shops.

I need transportation to the trade fair. What are my options?

Exclusively for those coming from the Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana High Speed Railway Station and from Bologna Airport, it is possible to use a FREE private round-trip transport service by car/van. If you wish to book this service, please write to info@modamakers.it or, when registering, state “Yes” in the “Do you need a lift to/from the station?” box.

How can I organise my visit to Moda Makers?

On the Where We Are page, you can find all the information you need to reach the ModenaFiere Exhibition Centre.

Modenatur, the tour operator specialising in Modena tourism, is at the disposal of exhibitors and visitors to manage hotel bookings, guided tours or transfers.

Modenatur – Incoming Tour Operator

Via Scudari 10 – Modena
Tel. +39 059 220022

I’m a commercial agent – can I visit Moda Makers?

Yes, if you are a sales representative or agent, you can enter and also allow your customers access by registering them. We kindly ask you to also register any possible guests, with their company details, via our website at this link modamakers.modenafiere.it

I am a student or a teacher – can I visit Moda Makers?

If you are a student or teacher, you can only enter if your course of study is closely related to the fashion industry. Teachers must register by entering the number of pupils they intend to let into the exhibition area and will also be responsible for visitors.

Who is exhibiting?

At this link you can view the entire list of exhibitors who have confirmed their presence at Moda Makers, or via the search function of our website.

How can I become an exhibitor at the Moda Makers event?

Please contact the Organisational Secretary of ModenaFiere at the following address:

ModenaFiere Srl

Viale Virgilio 58

41123 Modena

Tel 059/848380


Any doubts or questions?

No problem. Contact the Moda Makers staff:


showoffice@modamakers.it  (general secretary)

info@modamakers.it (for enrolment and hospitality assistance)

commerciale@modamakers.it (for commercial information)