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Brand Titazen Blouses

Company Profile

Since 1965… Knowing how to interpret the style and trends of female customers intimately different.

Zanetti Moda was founded in 1965 as a small workshop to become a well-established company specialized in women’s blouses.

Through a perfect blend of style and versatility, the company offers its customers  high  quality  tailoring, both  in  terms  of  workmanship  and choice  of  materials  –  some  of  the  very  distinctive  features  of  the company.

The  objective  of  Zanetti  Moda  is  therefore  to  synthesize  class  and modernity in an excellent product with the certainty that “to know how to make a shirt” is a skill that only experience can give.

Every shirt is a little jewel.

Though shirt remains our core business, the company has expanded its product offer, by adding coordinated articles of clothing: the so-called total look concept.

All garments are the result of a careful design, in which the team Zanetti Moda studies every detail, the color, the fabric and the accessories.

Creations created to enhance beauty, and a unique opportunity to find their own style. Our products offer freedom of choice and matching, with an excellent fit, comfort, elegance and dynamism.

A passion that never goes out, the ability to invent and reinvent models which are always different, with a distinctive touch that differentiates each product.

Titazen reflects in all its collection the business philosophy: a research that matches attention to detail, fabrics and combinations.

Titazen is open to all women who want to add to their daily life a touch of glamour enhancing their femininity through essentials and clean–cut lines enriched by special details.

A  world  of  textures  and  finishing  looking  for  exclusivity  through  the combination  of  colors  and  depending  on  the  mood  or  the  occasion: light  fabrics in soft and elegant shades, an  elegant tasteful mix that suits every occasion.

The care of the styles and clothing enhance a very good fitting, thanks to the choice of many sizes for a modern and confident woman. Fashion, quality, comfort and dynamism are Titazen’s must collection to be discovered and worn.