The digital edition of the event reserved to global buyers will open on 19 May, participants up from 36 to 40

The Moda Makers Digital edition to be inaugurated on Wednesday 19 May 2021 has seen an increase in the number of participants. This is a significant change given the tough period the fashion sector is currently going through, especially in the SME sector. 

The number of companies confirmed to be taking part in the new edition of the event has risen to 40 – compared to 36 in November 2020. Promoted by the Carpi Fashion System,  Moda Makers Digital is organised by the Consorzio Expo Modena. The show allows companies to display their Spring/Summer 2022 collections on a dedicated platform.

The growth in the number of participating companies – 23 from Emilia-Romagna and 17 from other regions, with an overall turnover (for 2020) of over €38.5 million and 269 staff, over 1.8 million garments produced annually and a presence on overseas markets that represents 44% of total turnover – is interpreted by promoters as a sign of interest in the initiative. This interest comes despite the great difficulties facing the fashion sector, both on a local, national and international level. This digital version of Moda Makers allows companies to stay in contact with existing clients and network with potential buyer, overcoming the huge problems in travelling that result from the current pandemic. Something else to underline is the participation of four companies that have never taken part in the digital or live edition, three of which are from the region. 

Thousands of creations in clothing, knitwear, tailored garments, shirts and outerwear will be able to be seen by buyers from across the world. Buyers will be able to view the garments online before holding negotiations with participating companies in absolute privacy. Moda Makers Digital is just like the live event (one that, in November 2019, reached its 8th edition). The event is dedicated mainly fashion wholesalers, retailers, shop owners and specialist stores

The event has been designed especially for SMEs, starting with those from the Carpi District, and which, thanks to the potential of digital, will allow women’s fashion samples to be viewed in a virtual space created to ensure that participating companies and buyers are provided with the highest levels of security: the organisers reserve the right to verify visitors’ credentials to ensure that any activities concern the purchase of clothing. Another distinctive feature of this edition is that, once more, each company will be able to decide its degree of visibility: it will be the companies themselves to decide how many samples to show to each visitor or potential client.

The portal has also been designed to ease direct relationships between exhibiting companies and buyers. Following initial contact, buyers and producers will be able, if they wish, to interact setting prices, minimum production levels and the personalisation of samples will be a private negotiation between buyer and producer.

The 40 participating companies are: Acquamarine, Angela F, Anna Falk, A&B Studio Adriana Sorgi, Brillante, Capriccioli, Cocoba Fashion House, Confezioni Gigi’s, Creazioni Rosanna, Dani Confezioni, Donne da Sogno, Dress Natural, Eleonora Amadei, Etc 2.0 , Famar, Gil, Giovani Idee, Gironacci Arduino, Idea tessile, Io e Te Maglierie, Il Trifoglio, Incontro, M.S.P., Mabal, Maglieria Paola Davoli, Match Italia International, New Terconf, Officina Italia, Pioneer, Pour Moi, Pop Fashion Italian, RC Fashion, Roberta Neri, Settepuntozero, Settimocielo, Sorriso, Tabula Rasa, Vezzo, Walmode, and Zanetti Moda.

During the months of the event, which will end in autumn 2021, the organising staff will be available for companies and clients. 

Moda Makers Digital is organised by the Consorzio Expo Modena  on behalf of the Carpi Fashion System, a project supporting the district’s companies, and is promoted by CNA, LAPAM-Confartigianato, Confindustria Emilia, Comune di Carpi and the Camera di Commercio di Modena, with the fundamental contribution of the Fondazione CR Carpi.

The event promoters commented: “The companies believe in Moda Makers, so much so that they continue taking part and numbers have even increased. All those organising this edition have continued, since the beginning of the pandemic, to support the District and the producers as manufacturing is a key element in our region, both in terms of the quality of the knowledge acquired, which makes Carpi renowned in Italy and across the globe, and in economic and employment terms. Moda Makers Digital is an unmissable shop window in a period in which travel and meeting foreign buyers face-to-face is almost impossible, even more so for SMEs, which, online, gain publicity on the international fashion scene and increase market visibility. Having said this, it would be irresponsible to ignore the great difficulties facing the fashion sector, a strategic sector for the region and the country. It is one that needs concrete help both from regional authorities and the Government. These are companies that make an important contribution to the areas in which they operate and that cannot be abandoned in such a difficult time”.

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