Moda Makers is the first edition of an innovative project born in Carpi, the cradle of Italian knitwear.


SPRING SUMMER 2017  – MAY 18-19, 2016

Moda Makers is the first edition of an innovative project born in Carpi, the cradle of Italian knitwear.

The first edition of the Event Moda Makers will take place on May 18 and 19 in the historic fashion district of Carpi. Accordingly, the fashion show will be held in Carpi, in the splendid setting of Villa Ascari, which for years has been the venue of major events and receptions.

The companies participating in the event will display more than 2000 ready-to-wear and knitwear creations, cut and sew knitwear, shirts and coats from their 2017 spring-summer collections, thus giving the guests an opportunity to preview the new proposals for the coming season.

Highly innovative in its spirit, organized using cutting-edge technology and marketing strategies, the event is strongly supported by local manufacturers.

Fashion brands have been working together to develop a common communications strategy, geared towards both the Italian and international markets.

A virtual assistant has greatly eased the organizational process, generating automatic invitations, processing RSVPs and online registrations.

A website has been launched with information on the event, how to reach it and where to stay in Carpi, as well as a list of the participating brands:

Buyers from more than 20 foreign countries are expected to attend. Japan ahead of all the other countries, followed by Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Belgium, United States, South Korea, Greece, Russia, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Lithuania, Great Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, Estonia, Israel and Ukraine.

Products of the 2017 spring-summer collection will be shown at the fair. 22 long-established manufacturing companies from Carpi have already confirmed their participation:

Angela F – Creazioni Rosanna & Co – Donne da Sogno – Famar – GIL – Gi&Di Acquachiara – Io & Te Maglierie – Linea Donna – Maglieria Paola Davoli – Maglierie Ellegi – Moda Milena – Mr. Giuly Mode – Razzoli – Rosso Perla – S.E.A. – Severi Silvio – Sorriso – Weg Fashion – Yulkis – Confezioni Z.c. – Opificio Modenese – Guerzon

Moda Makers takes place on May 18th and 19th, just before the historic Florentine fair, Moda Prima, allowing buyers and participating brands to take part in both events.

Moda Makers is promoted by Expomodena, united consortium of Lapam and CNA, on behalf of the promoting CNA Associations, Confindustria and Confartigianato / Lapam

Moda Makers is all about reviving Made in Italy excellence in the Carpi area on an international level”, say the organizers of Expomodena and the sponsoring Associations. “It is a collaborative effort on the part of several brands which strongly believe in the importance of working together in order to face the current difficulties of the market. The fact that they have all shared their customer databases with each other testifies as to the extent and significance of this step forward for the industry and more specifically for small and medium-sized businesses in Carpi.

“It is the excellence of Carpi craftsmanship that has made this project possible, confirming that the manufacturing sector is alive and well here.“ says Simone Morelli, Municipal Councilor for economic affairs in the Carpi area.

It is vital – add the organizers – that we work together with Promec, Authority of the Chamber of Commerce of Modena, to develop Moda Makers and the Carpi Fashion System project which enjoys the economic support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Carpi.


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