Address: Via B. Franklin, 3
41012 – Carpi (MO)
Phone: +39 059 697233
FAX: +39 059 696840


The R and Co. Line was created for a young and dynamic woman who lives each day passionately. It is characterized by creativity, trendiness that doesn’t compromise the simplicity of everyday gestures. The R and Co. woman is smart, active and loves the details that make her a protagonist of her times.
RandCO.® dresses a young woman and it distinguishes itself thanks to an elegant line with striking personality. A stunning total look which reflects the continuous search for the right shape, textiles and accessories as well as the choice of the best materials.RandCO.® represents a line based on high quality standards and able to satisfy the needs of a woman who is always fashionable without giving up her own individuality. RandCO.