Spruzzi S.r.l.

Address: Via Di Vittorio 6
41011 – Campogalliano (MO)
Phone: +39 059.851.122
Fax: +39 059.527.505


Since 1984, the company Spruzzi Srl, is active in the market of men’s knitwear. Over time, this company has been able to gain in the female clothing market in the italian and international market through the name of their fashion designer Donatella Lugli De Paoli.

The creative elaborations of Donatella De Paoli joined united in over 25 years, leading to to impose in the clothing market, the company Spruzzi Srl becomes a strong and reliable partner for those who are looking for a company that is able to create a fashion collection for the elegance and modernity. The fit, quality and creativity are a constant within each collection, putting attention to the needs of the modern woman.