Address: Via della Ricerca Scientifica Interno 31
41012 – Carpi (MO)
Phone: +39 059 65 33 83
Fax: +39 059 65 12 81


Our items are designed to exalt the natural beauty and femininity of every woman. We are characterised by a fine and elegant style, which is expression of our constant research of new forms and materials for pure seduction. We are driven by enthusiasm and passion to offer always new appealing and modern products. Teamwork, within our ambitious and consolidated staff, is our strenght, and it is the reason for our style to be acknowledged and appreciated. We look for innovation and we reject the idea that the traditional operation modalities of the market are immutable. Moreover, competition does not represent a compulsory point of reference to us. In fact, we focus on the goal from a creative approach, radically changing the normal practices of the sector. Our project has international ambitions in the constant pursuit of excellence. Though, we sink rour oots in the local experience, in Italy, especially in the Emilia-Romagna region.