Elisabetta Minelli
Via Campagna, 6
41126 Cognento (MO) – Italy
Phone:+039 059 821030
FAX:+039 059 3366861


S&M Group was founded in 1998 by the experience of Maurizio and Elisabetta, the two founders united by love and passion for fashion.

In the year 2001 they create “Elisabetta Minelli” collection, a knitwear brand in which to fully express their creativity and their approach to marketing.

Style and quality are the strengths of “Elisabetta Minelli”, whose mission is to dress a customer that always feels fulfilled and satisfied.

“Mesh not only mesh” is a warm hug full of details and threads style glamor always attentive to the trends of the moment.

Is a collection dedicated to women of all ages, traditional and female, who loves to identify a leader in quality, strictly Made in Italy.