Address: Via Chiesa Nord, 48
41016 Rovereto s/S (Mo) – Italy
Phone: +39 059 671556


Famar srl is a family-run company with a long tradition in the field of women’s knitwear. Born in the 70’s, it has always been distinguished for the production of good quality knitwear, but above all it has been characterized in time for the innovative image and in step with the times. Specializing in the production of knitwear and confection, never trivial and in any case rich in every kind of work that modern technology grants such as inlay, jacquard, even in thin finishes, cold tints, all kinds of prints from flock screen printing through microspheres and sequins, agglomerated embroidery and cornely, fantasy lace fabrics of tulle and georgette. All to provide our customers with a wide choice of products at a low price while maintaining a high quality standard as all of our garments are produced exclusively in Italy.