Contrada Cavallino 47
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)
Phone 0733/892872
fax 0733/892875


GIRONACCI which is more than 40 years a reference point in the production of women’s clothing, a leader in the domestic and international fashion market. Today it is a modern and dynamic company, run by Gironacci family, brand founders and creators of the same collection, who are always intent to improve the qualitative aspects of their production.

GIRONACCI is a tribute of Italian manual work, the parlance of our time. The main emphasis of the brand is “Made in Italy” which finds its inspiration in the values expressed in the form of quality, innovation and expensive materials. Elegant trousers for a sophisticated woman who pays great attention to the tissues, and especially the quality of the production, collection, where each proposed model is perfect in every detail.

GIRONACCI collection presents also a series of sportswear, addressed to a dynamic and practical woman who prefers comfortable and fashionable jeans.