Address: Via Chiesa Sud, 160-160 A
41016 Novi Di Modena (MO) Italy
Phone: +39 059671545
Fax: +39.059.672172


Valentina is a historic Brand in fashion Sector, that creates and produce for over thirty years medium-fine Woman Knitwear in regular and accommodated Sizes.

The Company is located near Carpi (Modena), Area historically suited to knit with undisputed and enviable Expertise in the World.

In an Historic Moment where the Companies leave the Italian Market for producing in eastern Europe, the choice of the Brand Valentina and its Propriety Guerzon Snc, is to continue to produce in Italy.

“Work in Italy, and particularly in Carpi Area means for us benefit from the expertise and the production Abilities from the local Artisan, specialized in creating qualities Product in the manufacturing, in the material choice, in the line and in the wearability.”

We can say with good Reason that with the Brand Valentina, moves the best of made in Italy in the World.