Address: Via dei Barrociai 17/C
41012 – Carpi (MO)
Phone: +39 059 654904
Fax:+39 059 6326049


As a manufacturing company, Idea Tessile has been working in the knitting industry for over 25 years. We have collaborated with more than 35 Italian brands making our database of more than 2000 designs including technical information about the production and the materials available to them.

It has been 5 years since we offer a production to order, working side by side with our clients, following every step from commission to final product. We also offer a knitwear collection of samples of which we grant our clients exclusive rights.

Two years ago we started our own brand Ilenia B, manufacturing knitwear for refined and glamourous women. 85% of the production cycle, from designing to planning and manufacturing takes place within our headquarters, while the sewing process is carried out by selected Italian workshops.

Our manufacturing department avails itself of Jumberca knitting machines and it’s composed of 20 operating units.