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Paola Davoli Collection for 2019 spring summer season is a T-shirts, blouses, shirts, dresses for women who love the practical aspects of knitted clothing and the ease of elastic fabrics. Paola Davoli styles stand out for their printed pattern proposals and decorations. A Paola Davoli creation never fails to express a trend, a coordinated theme to enhance your wardrobe without ever being ordinary, since it is fruit of a creative and sophisticated stylistic research. The company Maglieria Paola Davoli is one of the most noticeable examples of how innovation can live together with tradition: the Paola Davoli story trunks from this concept and, of the many companies that jumped up in the Carpi district in the seventies, it is one of the most long-lived. The collection range offered by Paola Davoli is extensive and easy to coordinate, starting from the models: T-shirts, under jacket tops, cardigans, twin-sets, dresses, knitted scarves and shawls, embellished with exclusive decorations, from embroidery to special print and sequins, rhinestones and studs. More than 100 items comprised in two collections (spring-summer and fall-winter), with a wide range of materials. Wool, Cashmere, Cotton, viscose, artificial fiber blends and synthetic elasticized fabrics for comfortable garments, already available from November of the previous year. Wool, manmade fiber blends and fancy yarns define the winter collection, whose samples are presented every May and November for the following year. The line is casual and sportswear for woman in knitwear and also formal apparel in a fabric and mesh assembly, vowed and knitted fabric. Paola Davoli deliver Salesman’s samples with very low minimum quantity order. White label and private label production is provided with accuracy and experience.