Address: Via Degli Scariolanti, 1
41012, Carpi, MO
Phone: +39 059 8635143
Fax: +39 059 8672389


Shanti s.r.l comes to life with synergistic purposes that aims to integrate knowledge of specification of the product and an internal structure of avant-garde automatic cutting in machinery and in the software in order to enter the market with a complete manufacturing process.

Our mission is to fulfill every need of our private clientele label, which at the creative stage is welcomed at our showroom in Carpi.

Here, in partnership, an appropriate product is born to the reference target, both in terms of image and quality /price, with an offering ranging from the development of models and their prototype to that of repetitions collection and color proposals.

Each sample is born with its exclusive uniqueness from the use of printing techniques, applications and embroidery, handled directly by our style produced, in collaboration with relevant laboratories it is only part of the local induction.

Subsequently our internal structure, allows you to follow all production processes with meticulous quality control that always guarantees a great customer service delivery.

Every season, a collection is also presented exclusive woman born from the careful analysis of the reference markets and fashion trends, in terms of colors, shapes and materials.

Furthermore, thank you to the many years of experience in our industry internal collaborators, we can concretize, offer and manage also a vast offer of ideas for man and baby collections.